hygienic plastic pallets

Plastic Pallets by CABKA_IPS: Hygienic Plastic PalletsEasy to clean, easy to dry, and a smooth and closed surface … our Hygienic family plastic pallets offer the perfect combination of mechanical performance and PLASTIC PALLETS | LOGEQ - Logistic EquipmentOptional slide protection on the top deck, bottom deck, or bottom support will satisfy all high-performance pallet needs. Hygienic Plastic Pallets. Easy to clean, easy 
Olicon® hygienic plastic pallet - Stok Emballage K/SThe hygienic pallets are easy to clean, Hygienic plastic pallets are very suitable for internal production, storage, storage in rack, conveyor belt, quick freezing and Hygienic Plastic Pallets / Pallets / Products - AcconAccon offers hygienic plastic pallets which are constructed entirely of food-grade HDPE, without metal reinforcements. These pallets have become standards in Hygienic Plastic Pallets - Euro H1 Pallets - PharmaceuticalHygienic Plastic Pallets are completely sealed with smooth surfaces meeting the stringent requirements of food and pharmaceutical applications. Browse all Hygienic pallet - Smart Flow EuropeThe hygienic pallets can be easily cleaned and are used in “cleanroom” areas. All our pallets are made of plastic so they can be cleand spotless. Two of our