Double Face Food Grade Plastic Pallet for Food Industry

  • Double Face Food Grade Plastic Pallet for Food Industry
  • Double Face Food Grade Plastic Pallet for Food Industry
  • Shandong
  • CE, ISO
  • 1
  • $23.50-$30.00/ Piece
  • L/C,D/P
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Parameter :

Size 1100*1100mm
Height 150mm
Style Single Faced
Deck Open
Color Blue
Type Slip sheet
Loading Dynamic 1500kgs
Static 6000kgs


Plastic pallets can give a number of benefits over traditional wooden pallets. In food safety the plastic pallet obviously cannot contain an insect infestation, and they can be washed or disinfected to remove any fluids that may have been spilt on the pallet.
The plastic pallet is also totally recyclable. The pallets can be made from recycled resin, so damaged pallets can be remolded to make a new pallet, so the damaged pallet will not take up space in landfills.
The weight of plastic pallets gives a great cost saving for shippers. The average plastic pallet weighs thirty percent less than wood so the overall cost of shipping goods is lower for items shipped by weight. This means less fuel is required and lower carbon emissions.
Users of plastic pallets are also noting benefits for their employees. Due to the lower overall weight of the plastic pallet over wood, their employees are less likely to injury themselves moving pallets. The plastic pallets also are made with a number of molded handholds so it is easier to get a hold of a plastic pallet and there are significantly less injuries from plastic pallets. Wooden pallets are often damaged or have loose nails that can cause injuries.

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